Piano Tuning & Repair Keyboard Restoration by Don Burke
Piano Tuning & RepairKeyboard Restorationby Don Burke

Piano Tuner / Technician

Sound Design and Synth Programming
Keyboards, Fender Bass, Drums and Percussion


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I started playing piano and drums around age 4 or 5. My dad, Ed Burke, was a music teacher, instrument repairman and in 1958 opened Burke Music Company, a music store in our hometown of Frederick, Maryland. He played trumpet, trombone, sax and clarinet. I remember listening to the John Coltrane Quartet on the record player in the shop. The legendary drummer, Elvin Jones was a strong influence on my playing from a very early age!

I started playing electric bass at age 13. At age 16, I attended my first summer session at Berklee College of Music in Boston and I attended additional summer sessions over the next few summers. I mostly enjoyed the Ear Training classes and the jam sessions in the evenings with other students.


In the early to mid-1980's I was playing either drums or electric bass in various rock, country-rock and jam bands. In the late 1980's I bought a Roland D-50 synthesizer, I got back into playing keyboards, and started taking piano lessons again. A couple of years later, I acquired an old upright piano, joined the Piano Technicians Guild and got totally involved in becoming a piano technician. It's now over 26 years later, and I have become an expert at piano tuning, repairs, restoration and rebuilding.

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